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Poem - Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

July 13, 2012

About a decade ago, I took my first sink shower
Riding a Greyhound to Memphis, to see a young, Mormon flower

After a day or so, I was in a terminal in Dallas
Washing myself, anticipating her, didn't know she'd be callous
These days I'm rollin' through NYC like my Grandma Alice
But yesterday I moved on and found myself here
Leaving after I vented to a bartender and drank my beer

So close to a mystery and a song
Checking it out, how could I go wrong?
New stimuli, I have to be strong
Did I know the meaning all along?

It's tricky
Not a city
But a neighborhood

Always intrigued
The Nazi seed
Kept saying be good

A new adventure could birth anything
Walking, riding, playing, I sing
On my own, sold my gold ring

My hands are numb
Tingles in each thumb
How can LA be so dumb
Will they effect my strum?

Angry at my pain
Foolishness in vain
Marked me like a stain
Worrying about it makes me insane
Trying to be positive and refrain
I'm seeing the capital after riding a train

No time to slow down
Always running around
With a smile or a frown

The world cries for bacon
And I know what they mean
Kids acting anti-establishment
Being independent, quite a scene

Poems write themselves
I hold and move the pen
Each hour, every day
Waiting to begin

Open mind, with priorities
Bringing evil to its knees
Sleeping under green trees
Stealing goodness from bees
Warm outside, I won't freeze

One step closer to the end
Always investing in a new friend
Constantly ready to begin
And do it all over again



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